Employee leadership, or what means corporate leadership, is one thing that must be taken into account as important for the company. Employees who have soul leadership will certainly bring the company to have better performance. It is important for a leader (leader) in the company to encourage the emergence of leadership attitudes in their employees. Not only is the task of the leader to hone the leadership of this employee, but also represents HR, as the key to human resource management in the company, to involve actively in this matter. The leadership attitude of each employee must be different from each other, but the attitude of the employee leadership can be honed with the following things that we implement in the PT Multikarya Sukses Sejahtera business :

1. Sharpen Employee Networking

Capabilities Networking ability means the ability for employees to communicate and establish relationships with new people who can be used as strong relationships for employees personally and also for the company. Employees must be encouraged to practice communicating with new people, how to start a conversation, and hone their confidence attitude.

2. Give Challenges to Employees

As a leader, it is certainly a place where employees will ask when your employees cannot do something. For example, you as an HR manager ask your employees to create a recruitment strategy but your employees still feel confused and always ask you questions. You may not immediately solve everything, all you need to do is you give him a way to ask seniors or give reading material to employees, and let your employees learn more to make that strategy. This does not mean making you a bad boss, but this will help your employees to be more responsible for their work little by little. Make challenges as learning material for employees.

3. Give an opportunity to develop

Don’t let your employees work in a stagnant position, give them the opportunity to develop. Not only in position, but you can do it by providing other things, such as education, training, or let employees join in several important corporate events or projects. Employees are the most important asset for the company, providing the right investment for this. Give employees the opportunity to be proactive in the company.

4. Become a mentor

In practicing employee leadership, you certainly are not only a leader (boss) for your employees, but you will also establish a mentor-mentee relationship. This has a major impact on the attitude of Employee leadership employees. Employees will certainly make the mentoring event a time when employees can ask a lot about work or companies. In this time, you can foster a leadership attitude of employees well. You will be an example for employee development, invite employees to often discuss and do cross-feedback with your employees.

5. Lead by Example

As a good leader, you must give the best example to your employees. You move as your model, professionalism, transparency, confidence, commitment and respect, will be used as a benchmark for employees. Be a good model for employees. You don’t need a lot of money for this, but if you do it well the results will be far greater than you expected. Make employee leadership one of your main goals in the company. Let HR, as your key HR management company, play an active role in this matter. Don’t let your HR time run out in managing personnel administration, because HR is not just personnel.